Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hitachi makes amends but...

Since I posted the item, "Hitachi's set-up a big letdown", there has been a development. The company sent five men to attend to Anne's complaint about the poor installation of her washing machine at her condo.

After the follow-up service, Anne wrote the following email to the company:

"Dear Hitachi Singapore

I had no time to email you sooner as I have been taking care of my husband.

However I did speak with your technician (one of five men you sent over yesterday) and he assured me that he's balanced the machine.

According to him as long as the bubble in the spirit level is within the circle (there are two, an outer and an inner circle), it is balanced. From that I take him to mean that there is a "+" or a "-" variation which is tolerable as the bubble does not have to be centered.

As for the hose connection, he did a much better job of securing the machine end fitting to our tap fitting, I could see that right away.

As for the window, he says it is like that because it is of a dark colour.

I beg to disagree on this point as all machines come with clear shields on displays and windows. This one did not; it had a shield over the control panel and that was all. Hence the marks and "fogginess" - it is not that I have not come across plastic panels before!

In any event he assured me that this is not a used machine (we did not mention demonstration or showroom machines, which it could have been), he insisted it is a new machine. As his definition of balancing the machine with the spirit level on the machine allows for a variance, I trust you will not mind if I take the same view of his idea of a "new" machine.

I intend to visit Takashimaya as soon as I have a chance and check their display machine more closely.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Holloway"

Let's hope what the Hitachi technician told Anne about the shield is accurate.

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