Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pathetic service from Singtel

I can now understand why my friend Quak Hiang Whai is so exasperated with Singtel.

More than two weeks after I sent the telco his feedback ("Waiting game with the telco people"), it has still not called him to find out about his frustrations.

I had given Quak's email address but some reason it has not written to him to address the issue.

It was only after my inquiring Singtel why it had not contacted Mr Quak that a customer relations officer finally, yes, again emailed and asked him for subscriber's details. It also left its phone number for Mr Quak to call back.

Quak had written to me yesterday (June 22) inquiring about the status of the feedback. He had heard from me that Singtel had wanted to contact him and was wondering what happened.

He said: "I am wondering if they are trying to contact me or the other way around. I thought if they are serious about contacting me, all they need to do is go into their Mio customer data base and look for a Mr Quak Hiang Whai.

"When I signed up, I gave them all my details like mobile phone numbers, email, home address, home numbers etc etc. What is so difficult about picking up the phone and call?

"They read your blog and found out the details of my complaint. At this point, I am not really keen to call them or talk to them at all because we are wasting our precious time.

"If they want to improve on their service, they just need to go to their customer database and look up the installation details for a Mr Quak Hiang Whai and investigate on their own. Why are they sending all these standard emails about please give us your name and details and call this number if you want to talk.''

From my few email exchanges with Singtel's customer relations department, I am not at all surprised over what happened -- or rather, not happened. For example, when I first got an acknowledgement to the feedback, the telco's executive named the wrong person involved.

Instead of Quak, he mentioned Ms Quak Lay Choo, another person who had written to my blog.

That has left me wondering whether the executive had read what I posted about Quak's case carefully. Really pathetic!!!!

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