Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Oscar for airport sales person

My friend Jackie is really impressed with the service provided by "a young chap" at Changi Airport. His name is Oscar and he works for a shop that sells IT paraphernalia (called "Sprint Cass Pte Ltd) at Terminal 2.

Jackie wrote: "On 25 March, I was browsing around and I wasn't planning to buy anything. But I did share a frustration I had which was that the protection screen on my iPhone was a mess as I didn't know how to do it well. He asked to take a look.

"He then proceeded to rectify it but it was just very challenging. He still couldnt get it perfectly done and I think he felt bad. He then said he would check if he has a spare protection screen.

"He found one in his drawer and this time, he did it so well. He didn't charge me for anything. I wasn't looking to buy another as I have a spare one at home.

"I was very impressed with his free and patient service and thanked him profusely. I still didn't feel that was enough and ended up buying a "bluetooth wireless mouse" from Oscar. He was an exceptional sales person."

Oscar certainly deserves a BOUQUET -- and an Oscar -- for knowing how to provide excellent service.

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