Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Waiting game with the telco people

Quak Hiang Whai wonders whether our telecoms' cable people do any kind of planning before they set out to do their work. His experience with these people has been disappointing --- each time he has an appointment they always arrive after the slated window waiting time.

He asks: "Isn't there room for them to give allowance to delays before they allot the waiting time?"

This is his latest experience: "I signed up for Mio tv and they gave me a 11 am to 1 pm slot. I stayed at home to wait for them. They came close to 1.30 which disrupted my lunch plans.

"Now the worst part was the Singtel person came and then said she ran out of long cable. So can't instal and had to come back! This is after I had told the sales person when I first signed up that my TV and phone point are not on same side.

"So we had to set another appointment and wasted everyone's time.

"Do these companies think our time is less important than theirs? The lady did apologise for delays and resetting appointment but as a service provider dealing with millions of customers they should have looked into such standard operational issues. And nib them."

Quak's story reminds me of doctors' appointments where waiting is the norm. But then these telecoms people are not dealing with life and death matters!

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  1. I think the telcos tie themselves up with all sorts of bureaucratic red tape. They don't seem to be able to see things outside their own pidgeon hole.

    I recently signed a home and mobile boardband plan. They could only arrange SEPARATE appointments to deliver the wireless modem and USB modem to me 7 to 10 days after I've signed up. I asked them if I could save them the trouble and pick the items up myself. Answer: No, cannot. If only they could take a while to calculate how much courier charges they will save if they assigned a location for customers who prefer to collect the items themselves.

    Later on the day I signed up I needed to change the appointment dates. On calling up I was told I had to call another dept for the change. The other dept then told me that they could not trace my plan as it has not yet been updated in their system - it would take about 4 days to be updated. I think it would be faster if the various depts had communicated with each other via Singpost.