Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anne's two Christmas wishes granted

It's going to be a happy Christmas for Anne after all. At least two of her wishes have come true.

ONE, her application for a HSBC Visa card has been approved, sealed and delivered.
She says "Thanks to Rozilah (Service Quality Team) and Jonathan Shan (HSBC Claymore branch) who expedited getting the necessary documents to the credit card processing department, I received my HSBC Visa card."

HSBC also sent her a gift hamper for "bringing their attention to the glitches."

"Hopefully, the information from my case will be put to good use and future credit card applicants and customers will have a smoother, less bureaucratic introduction to the Bank and its products," Anne says.

"The test of a company and its staff is when things do not go by the book or minor crises arise, their ability to respond in an appropriate and timely manner as they did in this case justifies their shareholders' and customers' confidence in the company."

, her search for the electric Electrolux pressure cooker is over. After the company's PR guy read my blog, he contacted me, and subsequently Anne, and arranged for the machine to be delivered to her doorstep.

Pretty good PR and damage control by HSBC and Electrolux although the latter was faster.


  1. Cool :D Happy Holiday to Anne and with her pressure cooker, she can perhaps invite us to dinner huh kekekekek..... :D

  2. hint, hint...good idea, Shionge :)