Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gary glitters at Paragon's ishop

Here's a Christmas bouquet for a salesman named Gary at the ishop at the Paragon.

My friend Lulin just wrote to tell of her happy encounter with Gary:

"Any one wishing to buy an Apple product should look for Gary at the ishop at the Paragon. When I wanted to buy an imac and needed to transfer everything from my macbook, Gary was most helpful, smiling and cheerful -- important for me as a shopper as it puts me in a good mood.

"Another sales lady in the shop was also helpful but with an expressionless face that could be seen as unfriendly.

"Fortunately Gary took over and met every one of my requirements. He explained why it would take 3 hours to transfer and persuaded me to return the same evening.

"When I said the traffic would be awful in the evening, he suggested coming back later, as the shop closed at 9.30pm and they often stayed back till 10pm. Good advice!

"Not only did he copied the stuff, he installed my MS Office, cleaned up the clutter, showed me how to use iphoto efficiently, advised me on how to minimise the collection of clutter in the computer, which accessories I needed and which not to waste money on, and a host of other tips. Assured me I could go back for more help if I needed it.

"Plus he was chatty, friendly without being overbearing, interested without being nosey. ishop, give him a large bonus! I am rarely this enthusiastic about good service but Gary deserves it!"

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  1. Hey PY....just went to epicentre last week at ION to pick up itouch and ipod nano....generally a plesant experience too and I event wrote an email to thank the store manager for reserving the items that I wanted.

    Hmm.....I should have tried Paragon centre though.....good job there :D