Saturday, December 4, 2010

Electrolux fails to fulfil Xmas wish

Christmas being round the corner and Anne Wong Holloway being a good cook (I assume) is missing the use of her made-in-China Supor Pressure Cooker.

So, when she chanced upon an ad in today's Straits Times promoting 12 Electrolux products including an electric pressure product, she went hunting for it after lunch. But, alas, she ended up with nothing.

"I would be hopping mad if my wild goose chase in 'underground Orchard Road' this afternoon (Saturday, 4 Dec 2010) wasn't good for my health after a huge lunch!" she consoled herself.

Anne has been looking high and low for a replacement cooker after her Chinese one succumbed to a sudden death. She had been become reliant on its "computerized wizardry which helped me produce great tasting dishes in next to no time. Unfortunately it had been purchased online in China and when it decided to die a sudden death no one wanted to take it in to be fixed."

She says Supor has a worldwide distributor in the SEB Tefal Group, but they do not import the pressure cookers into Singapore.

"Anyway, I decided to keep an eye out for something similar and the Electrolux EPC6000 seemed to fit the bill. After I read the advertisement I went to their website to check out the details.

"Poste haste, after Saturday lunch with my friends, I made my way through a sea of humanity to Tang's. Electrolux seemed to only have vacuum cleaners there. The sales representative suggested I try Best Denki, more in hope than certainty and so I made my way there underground.

"Unfortunately Best Denki did not have any Electrolux pressure cookers, the only appliance bearing any similarity being a Philips rice cooker-cum-pressure cooker. So I walked as fast as I could to get home.

"My heart and health benefitted from the walk, but I was no closer to a new electric pressure cooker.

"Electrolux's copy said, '.....we're giving merry deals for you and your loved ones to indulge and delight in." I only wish!' "

Well, Electrolux has failed to make this Christmas wish come true!

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  1. Sorry for Rodrigues - "high handedness by SIA" which is NOT uncommon. This happen to me some years back when I was then the MD of one of "Siemens" company and I always travel "Business Class" to and from Vancouver. On this particular day as I walked towards the "Business Cass" counter to check in and as usual there will be a lady dressed in formally like a PR officer and she said "this is for Business Class Check in" instead of enquiring if I was on business class ticket. Maybe it's the attire that I was in as I always travel and being a "long haul flight" dressed very casual and light with no jacket. What upset me is the way I was questioned and ever since that day I NEVER fly SQ till this day and as far as possble I avoid SIA. It's an airline that is so arrogant compared to other airline - sorryto haveto say this.