Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coffee Bean shows flexibility

Coffee Bean's willingness to be flexible has left a good impression on Shionge.

She wanted to order two birthday cakes for Saturday (New Year's Day) for her aunt and cousin. So she logged on to The Coffee Bean's website yesterday but was dismayed to learn that she must do it four days in advance (excluding the day the order was made) for an order to be executed.

She said: "Out of desperation, I called The Coffee Bean HQ and spoke with one Officer – Zi-Fong (sorry didn’t get the correct spelling). I explained to him that it is only ‘delayed’ by one day and if he could kindly assist.

"He left a note with the production department and hey…this morning, a Mr. Richard from Coffee Bean called me and acceded to my request.

"Although I was not able to place the order online, I just needed to head down to the West Mall outlet and make out the full payment. By being so accommodating, it really warmed my heart.

"If they had stuck to their policy they might have lost out on a sale and probably a loyal customer as well.

"What a wonderful gesture to end Year 2010."

Yes, a small gesture from Coffee Bean but it deserves a BOUQUET nevertheless.

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