Thursday, December 23, 2010

One year old today

Today, Christmas Eve, is exactly a year since I started this blog. And I am surprised -- and happy -- that I am still at it.

Although my postings have not been regular as they depend on the number of feedback that I get and whether or not I am in Singapore, I still managed a total of 157 in one year.

I am overjoyed by the words of encouragement that I have received from various people. Many have also signed up as "followers". Some even have links from their own websites and blogs.

TODAY newspaper wrote a piece on the blog on May 3 which helped to publicise it and boosted the "hit" rate. The Straits Times/Sunday Times made mention of it a couple of times, including one last Sunday on retiree Ricardo Rodrigues and his unhappy experience with a senior SQ crew member who reprimanded him for using the airline's A380 Suites toilet.

One indicator of the impact the blog is making is the fact that many organisations which have been the subject of compliments or complaints, have continued to monitor the blog regularly. These include the airlines, the banks, the telcos, our hospitals, various government institutions and retail outlets.

I would like to thank these organisations for taking the effort to respond to our feedback even though many postings were not complimentary. I applaud them for facing up to the issues squarely and welcome their assurances that they would improve on their services.

As for those who did not bother to acknowledge our feedback (you know who they are reading the blog), they still have the New Year to look forward to for enlightenment.

Finally, I would like to thank all the contributors who have taken the trouble to write to me. You have played your part in helping to improve our service standards.

Have a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Yo Cheers to that PY and yes I am one of your faithful follower and I believe in giving constructive feedbacks so that the service industry could improve.

    Kudos to those who made an effort to address the lapse in services and I just want to share that way back in the 80s...can 80s!! Me & Hubby always dined at The Sheraton Towers Hotel and their durian cake is to be 'died' for LOL. Anyway, meet way through the dining we spotted a baby cockroach :( The hotel staff at that time apologized, waived our drink charges and was very polite and could see their sincerity.

    When I went back, I wrote a letter of appreciation to the Banquet Manager informing them that despite the short fall (baby cockroach), the staff still oozes their charm and impressed us with their sincerity and services.

    PY!!! You know what? Banquet Manager wrote ma a letter and get the the hotel to deliver a big durian cake!!!! What wonderful gesture!!!

    Todate...I am a still a old faithful of The Sheraton Towers :D

    Oops...lengthy comment but Cheers to a wonderful year ahead and Blessed New Year to you & Family PY :D

  2. Thanks for your support, Shionge. Please continue with your feedback.

    Happy New Year... and you and yours.