Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SingPost goes back to using rubber bands

On Dec 6, I wrote about the continuing problems facing Singapore Post in its mail delivery. I gave my own recent experience and how it took action to ensure that I do not receive letters that are not meant for me.

After that, SingPost started delivering all my mail in a sealed transparent plastic cover.

I was intrigued and concerned, and wrote in my blog: "I do not know whether every household is getting the same treatment. If it were so, then I am sure the cost of delivery would have shot up. The question is, when will SingPost pass on the cost to its customers?

"My other concern about having these plastic covers is that, at a time when the world is trying to GO GREEN, why is SingPost doing such a dumb thing."

Well, the good news is that SingPost has reverted back to delivering my letters in the old way -- all bound by a single rubber band.

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