Monday, December 6, 2010

No IHT causes withdrawal symptoms

Mr Holloway, Anne's hubby, obviously cannot do without the International Herald Tribune. When the newspaper did not appear on their doorstep over the last few days, he wanted to know why.

Anne got to work. She had an exchange of email with the paper's Hong Kong office followed by a phone call. Then she wrote to me:

"Mainstream print media is bleeding. South China Morning Post and Straits Times have been running subscription promotions to staunch the flow.

"Yet IHT's Subscription Customer Service in both Singapore and HK have missed the message.

"When I was in HK in early November, I renewed and paid for our subscription.

"At the end of November, I received a notice with a Singapore subscription number, telling me that our delivery of IHT in Singapore would cease as of December 3rd.

"Naturally I ignored this as our subscription is HK-based.

"No one from IHT had emailed me to remind me that time was up on our temporary diversion of delivery.

"So when our IHT did not arrive on Dec 4, I emailed IHT - offering to pay for the Singapore issues for 3 months and suggesting they start my HKG renewal when we finally get back to HK.

"Today, again no IHT so my head was on the block as my dear husband was suffering withdrawal symptoms (he needs a daily fix of a decent newspaper).

"I called and spoke to IHT in HK - the quickest they can reinstate delivery is December 8th.

"If he weren't such a dinosaur and would read his papers online, life would be simpler for me."

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