Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cheerful Cindy from Novita

Only days into the new year, I am happy to report that I have had two pleasant encounters with service staff.

On Monday, my wife and I went to Novita, the Lifestyle Makers, whose office is in the Upper Thomson area, to get her garment steamer repaired. We were attended to by Cindy, a cheerful young lady.

She took the steamer, went into another room and, in a matter of minutes, was out to tell us what the problem was. She said it would cost us $20 to change the part that was faulty.

My wife told her that perhaps she should waive the charge as the steamer was seldom used since it was purchased. We could sense that she didn't have the authority to accede to our request.

Instead, she asked for the receipt of the purchase. When she saw the model number and the purchase date, she happily told us that it was still under guarantee.

Cindy could easily have got us to agree to the payment without telling us about the three-year guarantee and we would have no choice but to comply.

For the professional manner in which she handled her customer, I think she deserves a BOUQUET.

....Friendly Sandy from NUHS

The next day, I met another service-oriented lady at the National University Health System's (NUHS) Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre. Her name is Sandy.

For the record, I must say that I was not there to have a makeover but for medical reason. I was impressed by Sandy's eagerness and thoroughness in explaining the efficacy of the two products that were recommended to me by my consultant.

She took pains to show me how they should be used and even repeated -- more than once -- the important aspects of their applications.

What I liked best about her approach was her ability to connect with the person she was speaking to. She was talking like a friend giving me advice.

A BOUQUET for Sandy as well.


  1. I think especially when ur seeing a doctor, or specialist, it's very important that they slowly walk u thru the medicines/procedures prescbribed to a patient. It makes the experience to a doctor's much more reassuring. Bouquets to Sandy! Estee

  2. Both Cindy and Sandy emailed to thank me for the compliments. I had alerted both of them on the postings.