Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Norton efficiency

There are service providers and service providers. Some are friendly and helpful. Others are less so but are nevertheless proficient in their work. Then there are those whom I would avoid like the plague.

I spoke to one this morning who falls into the middle category. His name is Patel. I got to him when I called Norton Singapore to seek help
to reinstal my internet security software.

After going through a series of pressing this-and-that buttons, in accordance with the instructions given by an American-accented man, I finally had Patel speaking to me in his soft Indian voice.

I suspect he was working from a call centre, but I didn't ask him as he wasn't exactly the chatty sort. For a brief moment, I had visions of the confusion that was coming my way. I guess I must have been watching too many videos of hilarious mix-up at call centres.

It took me a minute or two before I was able to fully comprehend Patel, especially after listening to the American voice earlier on. But once I got used to the Indian voice and what he was telling me to do, there was absolutely no problem.

Welcome to the globalised world! And a BOUQUET for Patel.

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