Friday, January 29, 2010

NTUC Finest stop-and-go

My friend Jessie, who shops at NTUC Finest in Bukit Timah Plaza at least twice a week, has an unwelcomed bunch of sales people to deal with each time she goes there.

This is her story: "On my last two shopping trips there, I was offered some packets of samples by this sweet smiling sales lady. My refusal to accept the samples drew some surprising comments from them such as "They are free...take them".

"The reason why I did not accept those samples was that I did not want to take something I do not need. However, I did feel a little "ungracious" for not accepting this kind offer. This product is Sea of Spa. It claims to be from either the Dead Sea or Red Sea.

"Today, at the same place, a smiling salesgirl cornered me. I decided to accept a small sample package offered. Big mistake. I had to waste 10 minutes of my time with her giving me her sales pitch. I had no intention of buying the product at all but I had difficulty shaking her off.

"I would like to appeal to NTUC Finest to move this bunch of sales people away from the strategic position where they are now located as it is almost impossible for shoppers not to be held up by them. It is like you have to get past the ushers first before getting into the supermarket.

"Fortunately, there is another entrance to NTUC Finest on the lower level. So, for my next shopping trip,I will make it a point to avoid this group of sales people at the upper level entrance."

Let's hope NTUC Finest will consider her request.

***LATEST: NTUC FairPrice has replied to the feedback. In its email to me,
it says: "...We do apologise for any inconvenience caused with regards to the Sea of the Spa sales staff. We are unable to relocate the stall to another level, however, we will remind the staff not to be too persistent in their sales techniques so as not to hold up customers at the entrance. We assure you that we will monitor the situation at the store closely to ensure the smooth flow of customers at the entrance.

Thank you for your feedback and we look forward to serving you again.

Yours sincerely,
Debra Chang Ay Jen
Team Leader, Customer Relations
NTUC Fairprice Co-Operative Ltd"


  1. I get exactly the same troop of "Spa of Sea" sales people at Novena sq where and work, as well as in vivocity where I shop. Sometimes, i have to make a huge detour just to avoid them...

  2. I like your "Stop & Go" title. Next time I won't stop...I will run past this sales people.

  3. these dead sea products sellers seem also like the familiar faces of hairstyling products. There was once a sales person who made a sarcastic remark to me when i wasnt aware of his approach because i was on my phone. when he finally got my attention, i shoke my head. then he went liike "didn't i say something?" and went on to say something nasty along the lines of 'stupid lady' to his colleagues!

  4. I agreed with Faith, I had the same encountered with them at Jurong Point Shopping centre too. When I smiled and shaked my of the sales lady rebutted...'ya, ya....' and was very critical with her remarks about me not even stopping to try out her samples :(

    They are not local sales personnel and I read from the Straits Times once that they are actually students from overseas coming here for a short job stint.

    Thank you for highlighting this group of sales people.

  5. We had a bad experience at NTUC finest Bukit Timah with the Walls sales representative. She is one of the rudest sales representative but to our utter surprise, nothing was done to correct her behaviour even after we submitted a written feedback.

    Please note the slippery floor at the entrance to the supermarket. I slipped and fell as there was a puddle of water. None of the staff came to my aid and my friend approached a supervisor, who does not seem to care. Again, our written feedback went unanswered!