Saturday, January 23, 2010

Toast to Shabu Shabu Gen

After a day of frustration with service providers at M1 and Nokia, my friend Su was compensated with a lovely time when she and hubby had dinner at Shabu Shabu Gen restaurant at Shaw Centre.

With the impatient attitude of the telco personnel she encountered earlier in the day still fresh in her mind, Su couldn't help but to compare them with the helpful waitresses that she met at the Japanese restaurant.

She told me: "These women who served us were so much better than the telco women in terms of service and knowledge of the products they were selling. What impressed me most was the fact that, although these restaurant waitresses couldn't speak English very well, they managed to communicate effectively with their customers.

"So, to me, it is not how well educated a person is that makes her a good service provider. Rather, it is the sincerity of wanting to serve in a friendly manner and knowing how to explain clearly that makes the difference."

Therefore, it's BOUQUET for the Shabu Shabu Gen waitresses and the BOOQUET to the M1 and Nokia service staff.

*** LATEST Nokia has replied to Su's complaint. Go to "Impatience rules at M1 and Nokia" and read its reply at the bottom.

Here's Shabu Shabu Gen's reply:

"My name is Raymond and I am in charge of Corporate Communications for the Les Amis Group.

Thank you for your email dated 24th January regarding the memorable dinner your daughter had at Shabu Shabu Gen. We are delighted to learn of the memorable experience she had with us. Your encouraging words will certainly be of much inspiration to all our staff.

We greatly appreciate your taking time to provide us with the valuable comments, and sharing them on your blog. We look forward to welcoming you back to Shabu Shabu Gen, or any of the restaurants in our Group soon!

Kind regards,
Raymond Lim M.B.A.
Les Amis Group
1 Scotts Road
Shaw Centre"

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  1. Waitresses and Waiters can really make or spoil a meal!!!!