Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food for thought at Noble House

My friend's office wanted to host a lunch for some overseas visitors and approached Noble House Restaurant to make the arrangement. After some discussion, the menu was fixed and the price agreed upon.

Then someone in the office remembered that many of the Western visitors might not be keen to have shark fin soup as one of the dishes, guessing that many of them would probably be anti-shark finning supporters.

So they called the restaurant and requested that the shark fin dish be changed to a vegetable dish instead. The person who took the call said that it was not a problem, but they would have to pay an extra $2 per head to have the dish changed.

That took them by surprise as they thought the vegetable dish would have cost less than the sharks' fin soup.

My friend's colleagues were of course unhappy as they have been frequent
customers of the restaurant. They considered going to another restaurant.

A couple of days later, they called Noble House again. This time, they were attended to by another member of the staff who, when told about the $2 charge, said there was no need for it.

With no extra charge, the idea of changing venue was dropped. The visitors came, had a good meal and went away satisfied.

My friend said the service was good, but she is still wondering why they were being asked for the $2 extra change by the first member of the staff.

Guess I have to give Noble House Restaurant a BOO-QUET for its inconsistency.

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