Thursday, January 21, 2010

FCUK: Good news at last!!!

I received good news from FCUK Thailand today.

Just as I was about to give up hope, the agent for the British brand of clothing emailed to apologise for selling me a colour-run shirt and offered to send over a new one as replacement. (Click on comments after the posting, "FCUK: A run for my money" to read the email).

Thanks to the Internet and my persistence (ahem!), the new shirt will arrive next week by DHL. Touch wood, I hope the colour will not run this time. I need it for Chinese New Year!!!!


I also received an email today from SingPost (finally) in response to feedback from my friend May who wasn't too impressed with the efficiency at the post office in Sixth Avenue when she went there to buy some stamps earlier this month.

SingPost gave its explanation for the hold-up but I must say it could have been a bit more thorough and let May know where she can go to buy her postage stamps without having to wait in a long queue. (Click on comments after the post, "Slow service at SingPost" to read the reply).

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