Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anne goes on a merry go round over a Beetle at Tiong Bahru car park

When Anne Holloway sees something that is not right, she will be the first to holler. She took this picture of "this cheeky Beetle" (above) parked illegally at the roof-top Tiong Bahru carpark on July 24 at about 8 am. and sent it to the authorities.

"It was parked right at the top of the stairs, in a passageway meant for pedestrians,'' Anne said.

"Everyone else was parked neatly in the marked parking spaces (white
markings, wheel stops before the kerbs ) except for this car. It's not as if the car park was full - as it sometimes is."

The Traffic Police replied to her to say that they have nothing to do with enforcing parking regulations there and passed her complaint to the HDB which in turn forwarded it to the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Now Anne wonders whether the car park is "an orphan" and who is going to "adopt" it when the musical chairs' music stops.

"In any event, if it is the NEA then I need to add a complaint that the car park area is often littered - with drinks packets, plastic bags and such," she said, addding:

"And, oh, I was at Tiong Bahru market three days later and took this shot (above left) of one of the staircases, showing the pedestrian passage from a different perspective (the Beetle was parked where these pedestrians are walking, but on a different day and a different landing - this is just to show how the space is sufficent for a car but is not marked for parking)".


  1. Hi PY what an interesting post here, now that one agency passed to another what if someone parked in lot meant for the physically challenged? Who is going to issue summon?

    I think this car owner is totally inconsiderate :(