Thursday, July 22, 2010

Well done, David Heng!

One day after posting the story about CL's disappointing dining experience at Food For Thought @ 8Q, the management made another attempt today (July 22) at damage control.

David Heng of the restaurant, who had earlier apologised to her in a short note which I thought was inadequate, spoke to her to try and make amends. He followed up with this email to her:

"It was a pleasure speaking to you this afternoon. Thank you for sharing with me what you felt about your dining experience at Food for Thought 8Q. After sending that initial email to you, I was able to find the time yesterday to sit down with my guys face to face to work through with them the lapses that led to the incident.

"It was clearly a mistake to have served the burnt cake and we sincerely apologise for that oversight from the kitchen end. Also, our service staff should have made better decisions on the spot and been more prompt and proactive in fixing what was clearly an undesirable situation.

"We hope you will give us an opportunity to make it up to you. Please accept our invitation for a complimentary dinner for two back at Food for Thought. If you could let me know when you will be coming by, I would like to serve you personally.

"Thank you for your patronage and the frank feedback - it has been useful in helping us see areas we need to improve upon. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a blessed week! "

David's second attempt at damage control is certainly way better than his first. I am sure our service and customer relations people can learn from this.

LATEST: After the above was posted, the Food For Thought Team sent this to me:

Dear Pern Yew,

We were notified by CL herself that the account of the incident was put up on this blog.

Thank you for highlighting not just the services lapses that we made but our subsequent follow up with her as well.

We do appreciate the fair gesture!

The team at Food for Thought shares your desire to see good service in Singapore and is invested in making a visit to our cafes a pleasant experience.

We hope everyone will continue to support and encourage those working at the frontlines of the service industry.

Have a blessed week,

from the Food for Thought team

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