Thursday, July 1, 2010

Waiting for TODAY

The TODAY newspaper must mean something to Anne Holloway. Otherwise why would she ask for home delivery of the paper for which she is prepared to pay a delivery charge?

One reason could be that she is now not getting a copy of the free newspaper delivered to her on a regular basis and wants to be assured that she does.

After faxing in her request for guaranteed delivery more than a week ago, she still has not got a reply from Today.

So she wrote the following email to the newspaper inquiring as to what is happening:

"Subject: what's happened to my delivery request of 23/6/2010?

"I faxed in for home delivery on 23rd June 2010.

"Today, I thought it strange I had not heard a squeak from TODAY.
Fortunately I had not trashed my hard copy of the Delivery Request.

"I DID find I had forgotten to sign the form, but as you have my telephone number why didn't someone call to rectify MY ERROR?

"So I have signed the form and re-faxed it today.

"Just to be sure I am emailing this to you!

"Please note that you do not make it easy for would be subscribers (maybe you do not really want any) because I had to go to Contact Us to find an email address for Circulation. It is not where I had expected it to be - with the blurb and form to download.

"Thanks. I look forward to receiving our TODAY one of these days. Preferably sooner than later.

Anne Holloway"

*** LATEST: A reader, Shionge, wrote: "Hey so did TODAY respond? It's six days overdue :) "
Sorry I did not post the action line. I did in fact alert Today's Editor Walter Fernandez. He was grateful for the "leg up" and promised to get it settled.
I assume that the application for delivery has been approved since I have not heard from Anne since.

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