Monday, July 19, 2010

Starhub, what the hell is going on, Irene wants to know

Complaints against our telcos do not seem to end. Irene Hoe, who has been having problems over her prepaid cards for more than a month, continues her correspondence with Starhub.

Here's her latest email to them:

"I am writing to you again and forwarding some of the previous correspondence between us so that your people know that the problems that Starhub presents its customers are never ending.

This past week, I received YET ANOTHER letter from you - this time from your Finance Department.

First, it actually THANKS me for my continued support of Starhub services. How funny is that. I don't have much choice, do I?

Secondly, it informs me that the expiry date for my credit card is June 2008.

Has it really taken you three years to arrive at this conclusion?

May I remind you that THIS YEAR ALONE, I have spent HOURS at your Plaza Singapura service centre or at least what you call a service centre. The last two occasions each involved visits of THREE HOURS.

Please read the partial history of what disservice has been delivered.

May I remind you that I was told over the telephone that a manager by the name of Mr Bing Boon, if I remember correctly, would be expecting me at Plaza Singapura. Nothing of the sort. He wasn't. He looked totally surprised to be told that he was supposed to be expecting me. Still, eventually, he sat down with me and sorted out - or so I thought - the problem of the moment.

That, according to Starhub, was that I had "failed to register" one of my prepaid SIMs. I told the hapless manager that this was intolerable and that I had done this at least twice for each of the several prepaids I keep current for the use of visiting friends. These were topped up every month on my Starhub account. So how could they NOT be considered registered? And why was Starhub threatening to terminate yet another of my prepaid SIMs? So the hapless man worked and worked and worked to solve the problem.

"Am I all done now," I asked at the end. "Yes," he said. He had alreadyhad sight of my identity card, my credit card that is used for autopayment of my Starhub accounts. That American Express card expires in June 2011.

But now, according to your letter of July 14, you want a SIGNED BILL STUB.

So, again, Starhub, I am asking you: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?"

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