Monday, July 26, 2010

Come forward with your praises!

I was really glad when Celia sent me her words of praise last week for the Ritz Carlton staff who attended to her and her hubby Allen, and of course their guests, at their wedding lunch two months ago. And I posted her compliments almost immediately.

But, sad to say, I have noticed that we Asians are much slower when it comes to showering praises on just about anybody -- taxi-drivers, waiters, shop assistants, our subordinates in the office, even our dear ones.

When I started this blog, I said specifically that I wanted to use it not just to slam the sloppy service providers but also to compliment those who go the extra mile.

At this juncture, when I have posted just over 100 items on my blog, the ratio of compliments to complaints is just about 1:5. Which proves my point that we are all very stingy with our praises.

Surely there must be many days in our lives when we come across someone, be it the smiling petrol kiosk attendant or the hardworking Starbuck waitress, who has done something beyond what you expect.

I would urge you to try and note down the names of these people, and, when you have a moment to spare later in the day, to write some kind words that will help to cheer them up and make their day.

It is as simple as that! Remember, the important thing is to be keenly aware and appreciate the little things that come your way each day -- and make it a point to commend the people dishing them out.

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