Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outstanding nurses at Mount E

Sometimes it is little gestures and a few pleasantries that make a difference to how you respond to and appreciate the service that you receive each day when you are out there in our increasingly urbanised society.

A pleasant smile, a cheery "hello" or some words to sooth one's nerves, especially in a hospital environment, can certainly help to make your day.

I experienced this yesterday (July 26) when I went to Mount Elizabeth Hospital for my routine scan.

Nurse Kathleen Phun, who inserted a needle into my right hand to enable a gadget to be fixed for putting in the dye, tried to put me at ease as she went about her work.

I assured her that I was okay since it was not the first time having the scan. Thereafter, we chatted about her former colleague who had gone back to India and also the takeover battle for the hospital chain between the Fortis and the Khazanah groups.

Of course, we didn't realise at that time that it was a momentous day because Khazanah was about to announce its raised offer and put an end to the tussle.

Although what she did to my hand was routine, what I appreciated was the small talk that helped to take away some of the boredom of hospital visits.

The other nurse who was just as pleasant was Poh Hwa. She was the attendant in the scanning room. Though we exchanged only a few words, she made the effort to put me at ease, again not knowing that I was not a newbie.

Some of you would probably know this about how some people who, with their demeanour and body language, instantly project their helpful nature the moment you meet them.

I felt Poh Hwa was that kind of person. Mount E should be proud of both
Kathleen and Poh Hwa.

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  1. Cheers to Kathleen & Poh Hwa in Mt. E.
    I've have been a patient in Mt. E twice and each time all nurses just made me feel at home & at ease......also the therapy centre William HO & assistants are all great too :)