Friday, July 23, 2010

Excellent service from Ritz

Back from her honeymoon, Celia finally found time to write about the excellent service she had from Ritz Carlton at her wedding lunch.

She wrote: "We had our wedding lunch at the Ritz Carlton about two months back and must commend Ritz for offering superior service from the very beginning.

"Our wedding coordinator, Joey, was excellent - professional, accomodating, helpful and warm. She was always one step ahead, reminding us of tasks that we needed to accomplish and offering solutions before we even realised there was a problem. She never declined any of our requests outrght but always found ways to accomodate our needs.

"Service to our suite was also excellent. Each time we asked for assistance, a member of the staff would appear promptly, almost as if he or she had teleported to our door. Every member of staff we came into contact with during our stay not only behaved in a professional manner, but also came across as warm and friendly.

"One particular incident stood out for us. During the lunch, my mum had helped my grandmothers, who are both getting on in years, to cut their food from the first dish into smaller pieces. The service staff noticed and immediately offered to take over the task from my mum.

"My mum thanked them for the offer but declined the help since she had already started. They then informed her that they would cut the food in all subsequent dishes into smaller pieces for my grandmothers.

"I think the Ritz Carlton team deserves a BOUQUET for their initiative and professionalism."

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