Monday, July 19, 2010

More grouses over Mio TV

After receiving so many complaints from my friends about Singtel over Mio TV, I have decided that it is not for me. Goodbye Premier League! Hello La Liga!

The latest to complain is Anne Holloway who sent me her online feedback to the telco PLUS her extra comments in parenthesis.

She said: "I attempted to sign up for Mio TV online. (Singtel's online services are appalling for the premier and coddled telco in a country that boasts of leading edge technology and what that represents.)

"Long story short ended up doing it via telephone since your online response was to wait 3 working days! (Since we are considered only a tiny piece of snot we can get away with inferior communications and technology to some degree - snail mail and public or private transport enables people in Singapore to get to retail shops and service outlets unlike in countries like the USA where there is a vital need for online services to work).

"The MIO box was installed Thursday (July 15). The next day, no sound was forthcoming and it was agreed that a technician would come Saturday 17 July. He did not and someone from Singtel called to check our address because the technician said he could not find our home (same address as has been on our phone bill for about 10 years and to which the technician who installed the box came to on 15 July!). The appointment was rescheduled for today, Monday (July 19) between 2-4pm.

"(Mindful of my last experience with Singtel's reliability, I called to remind them and also to find out why no one had yet turned up but was given the run around.)

"I had called and spoken to a woman who then put me through to Ramesh who then had to speak to the relevant department. (After the various phone prompts, I got a woman who then said she would have to check with the relevant department; next thing I knew I got a man called Ramesh who went through the same details as the woman did before telling me that he had to put me on hold while he checked with the relevant department. He did come back and say that someone would be coming.)

"(Not believing Ramesh, I called again. This time I got to Tech Support and spoke to a man who told me his name is Mega. We had to go through a ritual again and then he took my cellphone number and said that someone from the relevant department would call me back)

"I called again and selected Tech Support, got Mega this time. He took my cellphone number and then Leong (91444741) called to say the technician was 10 minutes away.

"(When Leong called to say someone was on the way and assured me he'd be arriving within 10 minutes I told him - in no uncertain terms - that I had been misled before. Anyway the SAME man who set up our MIO and who IS a good tech turned up! After he'd traced the trouble to a loose sound cable behind our TV, he assured me it was now OK. I asked for his name and he said, "Leong"! I added 2+2 and did get 4 this time - the very same chap who spoke to me on the phone some minutes earlier was also the man who set up our system and now had put it right in a matter of minutes.

He told me that the company had called him and asked him to come sort out our problem. I could have asked him when he'd been delegated the task but did not in case I had more fuel!

Anyway, as he left, I told him I was going to keep his phone number and call him direct should anything happen because I was through with calling the company)

"This kind of service is reminiscent of British Telecoms in the early 80's and should not be the sort of service Singtel prides itself on in 2010."



Singtel replied to Anne today (July 20) to apologise for the inconvenience caused. It said it had escalated the issue to higher management and taken immediate corrective steps to regain her confidence in them.

Mr Aaron Christian Thiyagarajan, SingNet's Technical Service Officer, wrote:
"Based on your feedback, we will strive to provide better and more timely information to you, continuous and extensive training for our staffs and improved procedures for handling operational difficulties in the future."

He promised that the issue would not surface again.

Unfortunately for Mr. Thiyagarajan, Anne's confidence in Singtel could not have improved because she had another story to tell.

She told Mr Thiyagarajan: "As it happens an old friend of ours, Anwar bin Amin (home tel: 6775 6429) who lives at: Block 1, Dover Road #10-304 mentioned today (July 20) that he has been having endless trouble with his Mio TV.

"It was installed, then within days he could not receive Mio TV channels. It was repaired on Saturday, 17th July, and then a technician came today and announced that they had changed everything that could be changed --- hence it could not be the fault of the set-up!

"That is NOT a very good explanation when Singtel is using its own telephone lines!

"This case makes it four out of four (including ourselves) families that we know who have been forced to subscribe to Singtel Mio to receive their favourite football or F1 racing channel but have not had satisfactory reception.

"Miio is now a topic of conversation, but not for its excellence. Nor for its technical back-up.

"Seriously, very few Starhub subscribers would move if they could continue with their football or motor racing viewing on Starhub.

"Your bosses may receive selective feedback now, but eventually the truth will out.

"In the meantime, perhaps you could arrange to waive charges for the time Mr Anwar bin Amin is unable to receive Mio - as well as get his set up and working."

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  1. Read this too. I nearly get conned by Singtel mio.