Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Giant of a lady

Anne Holloway was overwhelmed by a woman she met today (July 13) at the Giant supermarket's checkout counter at Turf City. The woman works there as a temp. Anne thinks she deserves better.

Here is Anne's story of the encounter:

"A HUGE bouquet for the lovely Malay lady at the Giant (Turf City) checkout this morning (Tuesday, July 13). She had a badge on which said "Temp Staff" but went out of her way to find out prices of two items that were displayed as promotional items. And in one case she went all the way back to the store-room to check whether they had any stock. Alas, no.

"I got to chatting with her and asked whether I could enquire why she was working only as a temp. She responded that she had a day job - actually was a student working during her school holidays. Then she asked if I really thought she looked like a student to which I replied in the affirmative.

"Whereupon, with a big smile, she told me she has two children (I found out they are 7 and 4, I think)! So I asked her about her real day job --- she works at the American School as a teacher!

"That piqued my curiosity even more, so I asked why she wasn't spending time with her young children and she told me that her parents (or was it in-laws?) are living with them and that she needed the money.

"There are few more deserving of recognition and a bouquet than this lady; she was charming, helpful, well spoken (real English, not Singlish) and, not least, the epitomy of filial. She goes out to work to earn extra to support her family instead of moaning about it.

"I think Giant should find her a better paying part time job than at their checkouts (she's far too capable to waste) and our government should include her in our upcoming National Day honours."

Thanks, Anne, for spotting an exceptional service provider and taking the trouble to sing her praises.

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  1. There are so many 'temps' out that in the retail business that should have the attitude of this Malay Temp at Giant. Thanks for sharing this Pern Yew & Anne :D