Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's only words, Mr Gupta

DBS Bank chief Piyush Gupta must have regretted what he said on April 21 when he promised that his customers would be his priority from then on.

Yesterday (July 14), at a press conference, he was reported to have apologised no fewer than three times for causing his customers inconvenience from the
huge computer systems failure on July 5 that held up ATM usage and online access.

In his letter to customers, Mr Gupta said: "In hindsight, our internal escalation process could have been more immediate. We could have also done more to mobilise broadcast channels to inform customers of the distruption in services first thing in the morning.

"Once again, please accept my apologies and know that we take full responsibility for this incident.

"There have been valuable lessons learnt and I assure you that this matter will continue to remain a top priority for me."

Well, I have two comments on this: 1) A "customer first" culture takes time to develop, especially when the bank's track record has not been exemplary. Which surely makes it more critical that top management should have been more

2) Customers would like to see action rather than listen to cliched words like "top priority" and "take full responsibility".

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